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Luxury Soaps & Cleaning Essentials
Exceptional everyday care for your home crafted in the heart of Provence, France.

Our sophisticated, French Cleaning Essentials offer a range of luxury laundry detergents, hand soaps, dish soaps, and an eco-friendly multi-purpose spray cleaner. Made with plant-based and biodegradable ingredients, the subtle and luxurious scents will transform every chore into a sensory delight.

Fresh Clean white sheets being hung out to dry in the fresh air.


Love Your Laundry

Plant-based detergents, traditionally made in the old Provence style, will elevate your laundry ritual. Derived from the highest quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients to offer a radiant clean for your most loved linens. Our formulas contain less than 10 ingredients designed to pamper all fabrics, including knitwear and delicates.

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Luxurious, Natural dish soap with rich scents and natural ingredients.

Luxury Soaps & Cleaners

Gentle & Nourishing

Maison France Luxe specially designed soaps are the epitome of French elegance and eco-consciousness. Nourishing and non-toxic, they pamper you and your home while leaving behind no harmful residues. These environmentally friendly, luxurious soaps are a thoughtful choice, where the essence of France meets the essence of well-being.

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    Proudly Made in France

    Embrace the French way of life by elevating simple every day routines in favor of a more elegant and beautiful life. Crafted using traditional soap-making techniques in the South of France, these plant-based soaps and cleaners are a testament to our commitment to quality and the environment. Experience the difference of French craftsmanship in every bottle, as we redefine your home care routine.

  • Figs have inspired some of our luxurious French scented detergents and soaps.

    Maison France Luxe embraces elements of the French lifestyle:

    • Quality vs. Quantity
    • The art of slowing down and savoring life
    • Elegance and simplicity
    • Living well with fewer, better things
    • Finding joy in everyday tasks